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Seven DVD Series featuring Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Walter Kaiser and Lee Strobel.  Consisting of 24 Programs concerning Jesus’ unique claims, His sinless life, His teachings, His death, and resurrection.

As a thank you for your gift, you will also receive the 2015 JA Show Christmas Ornament featuring Isaiah 9:6: “For unto us a child is born…”

Package includes:

  • 16 Prophecies That Prove Jesus Is the Messiah – Part 1
    Who is the seed – the offspring of the woman – who will crush the head of Satan? (Genesis 3: 15) Where did God say He would come and dwell among the tents of the Semites? (Genesis 9:26). These and many more Messianic Prophecies are discussed.
  • 16 Prophecies That Prove Jesus Is the Messiah – Part 2
    In this series we present  8 additional prophecies that predict the specific city Messiah will be born, his death, and resurrection. We will ask: Who was the one pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities? (Isa. 53:5) Upon whom did the Lord lay the iniquity of all mankind? ( Isa. 53: 6). These and many more Messianic Prophecies are discussed.
  • So You Don’t Fall Away from the Faith
    Whether you are a college student or face challenges personally, in the workplace, or from friends and family, there are key questions you must be able to answer in order not to fall away from your faith. How did Christianity begin? Is the information in the New Testament books the best historical evidence for what Jesus said and did? How do we know we can trust what is said about Jesus? What evidence shows us Jesus never intended for people to think he was just another religious leader, but rather that he wanted people to know that he was actually God in human form? When were the New Testament books written and to whom were they written?
  • Questions the World Will Ask about Your Faith
    In this series, we will teach you how to respond to the controversies and apparent contradictions those in our secular society often present about the Bible, church history, and the evidence for the resurrection. We’ll also talk about the facts that Jesus died, was honorably buried, and was placed into a tomb. On the third day His disciples said He was alive and they had seen Him. He appeared to over 500 people in the next 40 days. When skeptics say it never happened, how do they deal with the changed lives of the disciples, the orgin of the Christian church, and the fact of the empty tomb?
  • The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection
    Contains Lee Strobel’s own story of how as an atheist, he investigated two foundational questions of Christianity:  Did Jesus really claim to be God? And did Jesus really rise from the dead?  He also presents five historical facts proving the resurrection and responds to the new explanations offered today that supposedly refute Jesus Resurrection.
  • Can We Trust the New Testament?
    How can we be sure that the text of the New Testament hasn’t been altered in significant ways if we don’t have the original documents, and there are 200,000 to 400,000 variants in the manuscript copies? Is Christian belief in jeopardy because the earliest manuscripts do not contain the story about the woman taken in adultery, the last 12 verses of the Gospel of Mark, or the verse on the Trinity found in 1 John 5:7? Is the Bible’s teachings about Jesus and Christian doctrine in doubt if it can be shown that some church scribes intentionally changed some of the copies that have come down to us? We answer these questions in the 3 programs in this series.
  • The Birth of Jesus: Myth or Miracle?
    Does archaeological evidence support the Gospel accounts? Was Jesus miraculously born of a virgin? Many details of Jesus’ conception and birth appear only in Luke. Can we trust what he said? Did the “virgin birth” story spring from pagan mythology? Were the Gospel writers trying to cover up the fact that Jesus was illegitimately born? Was Luke wrong in writing about Quirinius’ census?

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