The Last Words of Jesus: The Book of Revelation

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This series, with the accompanying study guide, will walk you verse-by-verse through key biblical passages that will help you better understand the Bible’s final book, the Book of Revelation.  Containing 9 programs the series is divided into 3 parts:

Chapters 1-6: “The Glorified Jesus Reveals the Future”
Chapters 7-13: “The Judgments and Main Players of the Tribulation”
Chapters 14-22: “Armageddon, the Second Coming, and Eternity Future”

Package includes BONUS 168 page study guide for group or individual study.

Also available, the one-hour Question and Answer DVD features our three scholars answering commonly asked prophecy questions.

(Pictured: The Last Words of Jesus: The Book of Revelation – Package with Bonus Q&A)

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