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The Roman Catholicism Collection

The Roman Catholicism Collection



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Four DVD Series featuring Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. R. C. Sproul, the late Dr. Walter Martin, and the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.  Twenty-one programs discussing the important differences between Roman Catholicism and biblical Christianity.

Package includes:

  • Do Protestants and Catholics Agree on Justification and Papal Infallibility?
    Father Pacwa and Dr. Martin debate these issues: Justification: how God forgives sin? The main biblical doctrine that divides Catholics and Protestants. Are sins forgiven by faith in Christ alone or faith plus one’s good works? What about Papal authority? Did Jesus make Peter Pope over the entire Church to have infallible rule over every Christian in matters of faith and morals?
  • Do Protestants and Catholics Agree on Maryology, Confession, and Purgatory?
    Father Pacwa and Dr. Martin debate the following issues: Does the Bible teach that Mary was sinless, is co-mediatrix and co-redemptrix with Christ? Confession: must sins be confessed to a Roman Catholic priest before God will forgive? Purgatory: is there such a place where Christians go to be purged of sin before they can enter Heaven?
  • Protestants and Catholics:  Do They Now Agree?
    Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. R. C. Sproul, Dr. D. James Kennedy discuss the background and purpose of the “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” document; The watershed issue of the Reformation: Justification by faith alone; Are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and liberal Protestant churchgoers all Christians and not to be evangelized? Are Evangelicals and Roman Catholics brother and sisters in Christ? Are there two ways to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ? The new birth or the sacrament of baptism: which is the true way to salvation?
  • Should the Catholic Church Elevate Mary’s Status?
    Dr. Ankerberg discusses what is meant by giving Mary the title of “Mother of God”, as well as the Catholic doctrine of “Mary’s Immaculate Conception.” 

**Originally offered in 2015 as a special offer, this package used to include a 2015 JA Show Christmas Ornament featuring Isaiah 9:6: “For unto us a child is born…” Although the ornament is no longer available, due to the popularity of the package, the rest of the items are still available in this discounted package.**

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