Which English Translation of the Bible is Best for Christians to Use Today?

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Are today’s modern translations really the Word of God, or can this only be said about the 1611 King James Version? Did God protect only the Apostles and their original writings from error, or did He also protect certain manuscripts throughout history? Did the editors of the 1611 KJV claim perfection for their own version? What about the allegations in Gail Riplinger’s book, New Age Bible Versions, concerning the editors of the newer versions? Are the doctrines of Christ’s deity, the Trinity, and salvation by grace alone denied in the newer versions? Eight guests, including some of the editors of newer versions, discuss these issues.

Scholars include Dr.  Kenneth Barker, Dr. Arthur Farstad, Dr. Don Wilkins, Dr. Dan Wallace, James White, Dr. Samuel Gipp, Dr. Thomas Strouse, and Dr. Joseph Chambers.

(To view lengthy excerpts from this debate with the addition of in-depth commentary from Dr. Ankerberg, please check out our series, “The King James Controversy Revisited.”)


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