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The Facts On Astrology

Forty million Americans currently believe in some sort of astrology, and its influence is felt throughout our culture. The Facts on Astrology thoroughly examines the claims of astrology, whether or not there are ties to the occult, and if there are any personal consequences to its use. This classic book was written in the late 80s, but the information it covers is not only applicable today, but with the prevalence of astrology in our current culture it is also timely. Revisit this important book from our two-million selling Facts On series.

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The Facts On Holistic Health

The holistic health movement has gathered many occult healing methods under its umbrella, and the broad acceptance of this New Medicine makes it difficult to know which practices are dangerous or spiritually deceptive. This classic Facts On book, written in 1992, examines 40 suspect practices including biofeedback, visualization, hypnosis, and chiropractic making this a concise guide to this area of health care.

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The Facts on Near Death Experiences

A long tunnel, a bright light, feelings of indescribable love, telepathic communication, and floating above the body are all elements of near-death experiences (NDEs) that are becoming more and more common. Are these encounters from God or from Satan? This classic Facts On book examines the many views and responses to these life-changing events. Although published in 1996, the topics of heaven and hell, “spirits” and “beings of light” that are encountered, and the best response to people who have NDEs, are all just as applicable today as they were then.

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The Facts on Rock Music

This classic Facts On book was published in 1992 and examines the music and messages of the early 1990s. Elton John, Bon Jovi, KISS, and Guns N’ Roses are just a few of the musicians that presented opinions on drugs, sex, and the occult through their platform. Facts On Rock Music gives insight into the spiritual influence this has on teens and how we can see this reflected in views and values prevalent today.

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The Facts on the Masonic Lodge

Most people think of Freemasonry as a secretive but benevolent fraternity. This Facts On book, updated and re-released in 2009, provides a careful comparison of Masonry to biblical truth, evaluating what Masonry teaches about Jesus, salvation, and life after death, what Masonic symbols represent, and if the God of the Bible is also the God of the Lodge. Learn the facts about the Masonic Lodge in this concise and informative book.

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The Truth About Islam and Women

Get an inside look at the condition of women under Islam through this concise, authoritative book. Emir Caner, converted Sunni Muslim, together with John Ankerberg, examine the condition of women under Islam. They tackle topics like Muhammad’s ambivalence toward females, the contempt for women found in the Qur’an and the Muslim Traditions, and the dehumanizing double standard regarding men’s and women’s sexual behavior. Ankerberg and Caner compare this treatment of women to that of biblical Christianity, showing the contrast between the two and the honor toward women demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil?

Hard questions about God aren’t going away. How will you respond? Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil? discusses where suffering and evil began, why good things happen to bad people, why God allows suffering, and how a good God could really send anyone to Hell. Designed with small groups in mind, this six session book written by John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs deals head-on with some of the controversies commonly asked about Christianity. Learn how to best defend your beliefs and show others that the Christian faith can stand up to any challenge.

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Middle East Meltdown

When news headlines regarding the Middle East become confusing, it is important to have a clear guide to understand a complex crisis. Middle East Meltdown, by John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs, does just that. This book written in 2007 not only addresses the conflicts that were current at that time, but more importantly it covers the reasons for the conflict, the history involved, how it fits into the Biblical narrative, and what to expect in the future. Featuring exclusive interviews with religious scholars and extensive journalistic research, they cover what we can expect from today’s new breed of terrorists, the part Middle East oil plays, and what the United States has at stake.

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Taking a Stand for the Bible

Too many so-called experts are spreading inaccurate or biased information about the Bible. While examining the truth about the origin of the Bible, the accuracy of the Bible, and the relevancy of the Bible today, John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs tackle the tough questions both Christians and non-Christians are asking. In Taking a Stand for the Bible you’ll find helpful and well-documented answers backed by careful research and extensive interviews with top theology and Bible history scholars, including Dr. N.T. Wright, Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. Darrell Bock, and Dr. Craig Blomberg. This 218-page book is a great resource to answer the crucial questions people ask about the Bible.

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Fast Facts on Jehovah’s Witness

Using an easy question-and-answer format, Fast Facts on Jehovah’s Witnesses presents the major Watchtower Society teachings and how they contrast with biblical Christianity. From blood transfusions to salvation through works, John Ankerberg and John Weldon expose the unorthodox doctrines that put Jehovah’s Witnesses at risk physically and spiritually. Whether you are looking for specific answers or an overall understanding of their beliefs and practices, this book delivers the information you need in a straightforward, compelling manner.

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