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Aired on June 21, 2018

Ep 3 | Discovery Three — The Universe has been Fine-Tuned for Life

Not only has the universe been designed out of nothing by a designer who created all space and time, but this same designer has also fine-tuned the universe for life—including human life. A complex number of variants have been observed that must all function accurately at the same time for human life to exist. The only explanation is an Intelligent Designer—what we would call God. Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Dr. John Ankerberg.

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Ep 2 | Discovery Two —Space and Time Had a Beginning

If the universe had a definite beginning, then a second related significant discovery also becomes clear—space and time had a beginning. Rather than an eternal past or indefinite period of time, the universe was created within a definite space and within a certain time period—all by the same being who designed the universe itself.  Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Dr. John Ankerberg.

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